3 Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning For Your Home

Weather fluctuations have become an issue for people everywhere because it is rather cumbersome to work with discomfort and unease. This is exactly the reason why air conditioning has become a necessity, be it at home or offices. If you’re interested in learning more about the ducted systems we sell and install at NewAge Air Conditioning & Heating, check out out ducted page here.
To create a favorable and relaxed environment, the demand for ducted air conditioning is rapidly catching up. Ducted Air conditioners are the perfect solution for climate control at homes. Let’s consider the benefits of the ducted air conditioning and why homes are banking on it in comparison to split system air conditioners.

Temperature Control

Ducted air conditioning provides you with cool air in the hot weather and provides warm atmosphere in the cold days of winter. It basically consists of a refrigeration system which is electrically powered which dehumidifies air and the process if reversed to supply temperate air. The fascinating part is that temperature can be controlled in many rooms with just a single point of control. This job is done by its regulating motor which can be adjusted as per each duct in each room. This proves quite favorable to people who have health issues like breathing problems or dust allergies.

Installation of Ducted Air

Ducted air conditioning systems require installation in a single space in the roof or the ceiling. Even with this single area of installation, the ducted system has the capability to deliver heating and cooling in various rooms of a home. If you do not have space in your roof or ceiling, the ducted system can be set up in the floor in a suitable space. The quintessence of the installation is that there is no disarray or meddling with the home décor. Your wife would be rather pleased to hear this!!!!


Ducted Air Conditioning Zoning

Ducted air conditioner enable you to zone out areas at your home. Creation of zones can be beneficial as they can be switched on or off independently as per the convenience of your family members. This feature can also prove rather cost efficient. For instance, you do not want air conditioning in your room which can be turned off but want it in the living room which can be kept running. This not only renders light on your wallet but also proves to be energy efficient. Zoning also enables manual control of time clocks, switches and thermostats. Separate zones offers great flexibility and cater to individual needs.

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