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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Ask about our air conditioning service maintenance contracts

We can repair or service your air conditioning system

Ideal for Commercial, Industrial & Marine Clients in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Hunter Valley, Central Coast & Port Stephens.

NewAge Air’s air conditioning maintenance contracts ensure that the operation of your systems will be controlled at an optimum level ongoing.

The qualified commercial, industrial & marine air conditioning technicians at NewAge Air can carry out a series of standard inspections, system test & maintenance service for your indoor & outdoor units.

These inspections include, but are not limited to

  • Testing all modes of operation
  • Cleaning & maintaining all filters & parts
  • Checking pipework seals & electrical wiring
  • Refreshing & santising air conditioning systems

Air Conditioning inspections can detect and prevent potential system failures before they develop into costly major defects that cost you money.

Air Conditioning maintenance contracts are designed specifically to detect or prevent system faults from occuring. They often prove a far more cost-effective option than having to pay for air conditioner repairs when something does go wrong.

Most Air Conditioning Maintenance processes involve the following tests:

  • Cycle through the modes of operation to ensure correct working order
  • Check water condensate drainage and clear all blockages
  • Check for refrigerant leak
  • Clean all internal and external unit filters
  • Clean all external unit condenser fins
  • Check all electrical wiring and fuse boxes for faults

The advantage of regular air conditioning maintenance inspection is that it can:

  • Detect and correct potential failures, either before they occur, or before they develop into major defects
  • Detect any hazardous or damaging situation such as faulty or crumbling wiring and water leakages which can cause condensation and structural damage to your villa.
  • Extend the average lifespan of the unit beyond the normal 6-7 years
  • Increase the efficiency of the units which saves you energy (and money)
  • Maintain optimum working conditions. (Dirty filters and low condenser refrigerant can reduce the capability of air conditioning units by almost 50%)

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