Multi Split System Air Conditioning Systems at NewAge Air

How Multi Split System Air Conditioning Works

The aside diagram shows just two examples of how NewAge Air could install Multi Split System Air Conditioning in your home or commercial premises.

Diagram of a Multi Split System air conditioning blueprint plan

Benefits Of Multi Split System Air Conditioners

Flexible Solutions

You have the freedom to select the right indoor unit for every room, mixing and matching throughout different zones to create the perfect set up for your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Control is designed to distribute air as quickly as possible, ensuring that the system runs at optimum capacity with minimal energy waste.

Zoned Temperature Control

You can control each  air conditioning unit in a multi split system individually. Set the temperature to suit each space, ensuring the system only runs in rooms when required.

Silent Mode

Enjoy peace and quiet by putting your multi split system on silent mode, which makes sure any outdoor noise caused by its operation is kept to a minimum.

Multi Split vs. Standard Split Systems

Standard Split

  • Links one outdoor unit to one indoor unit.
  • Provides air conditioning to single interior zones.
  • Simple, non-invasive installation with no ductwork required.
  • A great solution for adding air conditioning to an extra room.

Multi Split

  • Connects one outdoor unit to several indoor units.
  • Provides air conditioning for multiple interior zones, with no ductwork required.
  • Enables zoned temperature control for different interior spaces.
  • Offers custom solutions, with one system supporting indoor units of various capacities and designs

About Multi Split Systems

How Multi Split Systems be best fit your space

Comfortable and Energy-Efficient MXZ-6E120VAD

An Ideal Match for Apartments. The air conditioning needs of an entire house or apartment (up to 6 rooms) can be met with one compact single-fan outdoor unit.

Optimum Comfort for up to 6 Rooms with a Single Outdoor Unit.

In addition to fitting into the same installation space as the MXZ-4E80VAD and MXZ-5E100VAD outdoor units, this powerful unit can manage the cooling/heating requirements of up to 6 rooms. The utilisation of a single fan has reduced constraints related to unit height as well. An improved cooling capacity of up to 13.5kW (MAX) makes it possible to accommodate diverse installation requests.

Significant Energy Savings

Cutting-edge inverter technologies achieve an impressively high Annual Energy Efficiency Ratio (AEER) of 3.26 and Annual Coefficient of Performance (ACOP) of 3.62.

A Single Outdoor Unit for up to 8 Rooms MXZ-8C160VAMD

Mitsubishi Electric’s Best Solution for Two-Storey Homes Powerful yet quiet, the new Power Multi is specially designed for use in typical Australian houses. Connecting with a 10kW indoor unit allows you to create an ideal environment on the first floor, while you can stop operation on the ground floor. Cool & heat only in the spaces that you want. Making it smarter than ever.

2x 10kW Indoor Connection (Industry 1st) Power Multi offers sufficient capacity to cool/heat the bedrooms on the first floor, while realising high energy efficiency savings as a result of being able to direct air conditioning to where it is needed. It is the perfect solution for the comfort needs in typical Australian houses.

High COP

The Power Multi System is equipped with Mitsubishi Electric’s cutting-edge inverter technologies, achieving an impressively high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 3.32 and Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.90.

Unit Options

1. Select Indoor Units

2. Select Outdoor Units

 3. Check System Compatibility

Possible combinations depends on the outdoor unit chosen.

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