Answers to a few Air Conditioning FAQ’s…

Which Air Conditioner Brand is the Best?

This is a question we get asked regularly. The short answer is “It depends”. At NewAge Air, we have carefully selected only the top air conditioner brands that we know are reliable & energy efficient. Having a wide range of top brands on offer makes sense for us and our customers. Deciding which air conditioning brand is best for your situation depends on a few different factors, including: Your home/office/factory – “Your space” – Sometimes, different dwellings & environments are suited to different air conditioning units. Energy Efficiency / Electricity Consumption habits. Sometimes it makes sense to buy a more expensive air conditioner because it will save you money on electricity bills, but sometimes it makes more sense to go for a cheaper unit if your energy consumption levels are low. We can help you determine what the most cost-efficient balance is for your situation. Aesthetics – Each air conditioning brand we stock, whether it be Mitsubishi Electric, LG, ActronAir, Fujitsu, Panasonic or Braemar, have different styles. It comes down to your personal preference as to which brand is best. After sales service & Warranties – NewAge Air pride themselves on providing great after sales service to all customers. Sometimes, however, if a replacement part is needed for an air conditioning unit, we may need to order it in from our wholesalers. We have close business relationships with all the brands we deal with, which means we can usually get the required parts very quickly.

What is the Best Temperature to run my A/C on?

Temperature is an individual’s choice, however, the general rule is to set the air conditioner thermostat between 25-27 degrees. Remember for every 1 degree lower, running cost can increase by up to 15%. It’s good practice to check your local weather forecast. For example, if a hot day is forecast for the following day, pre-cool your home the night before. This allows your air conditioner to work at its optimum level during the cool evening, hence saving power and wear and tear on the unit. This also allows the unit to keep on top of the heat load as the day warms up.

What is Heating Capacity?

The heating capacity of an air conditioner is the amount of heat the A/C unit provides to the air conditioned space, measured in watts.

What is Cooling Capacity?

An Air Conditioner’s cooling capacity is the amount of heat the the unit removes from the air conditioned space, also measured in watts.

What is an Inverter?

Traditional air conditioners run similar to a light. You switch the light on when you need it and off when you don’t. Inverter air conditioning systems are kind of similar to a car accelerator – when the energy to remove heat is required, an inverter ramps up. When the target temperature is reached, the inverter slows down. This means that inverter systems result in a more efficient, energy-saving solution. Here are a few benefits of installing an inverter air conditioner in your home or business: Far cheaper to run than non-inverter air conditioners Less Noise Holds temperature more consistently Handles extreme climates better Target room temperature is reached quicker, whether heating or cooling Takes up less space A much higher heating capacity (up to 30% higher than non-inverter systems) Reliability! Inverter air conditioners are designed to last.

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