5 Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

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rr! Can you feel that? Winter is sneaking between your window panes and creaking under outside doors to fill your house with chilly draughts and shivering nights. Before the cold season hits completely, take the time to safeguard your home and family with a combination of quick-fixes, long-term solutions and tips you can enact straight away.

Make Heating and Cooling Hassle-Free

When it comes to heating and cooling, there’s nothing better than a split system air conditioner to keep all seasons at bay. One machine can be the answer to sweltering, sweaty days and teeth-chattering mornings, operated by remote control. Winter may be almost here, but that doesn’t mean you should have to wear several layers just to watch TV. Put your long-term comfort first (while boosting the value of your property) and investigate air conditioning installation further with New Age Air Conditioning.


Winterproof Your Windows and Doors

While you’re waiting for your split system installation quote, it’s time to give your windows a little TLC. Do they whistle more than a willie wag-tail in the late afternoon? A DIY insulator and sealant kit will do the trick, along with a couple of pool noodles cut in half to block warm air escaping under door crevices.
Bonus Tip: Invest in cotton drapes when possible, and reserve thin curtains for summer and spring.

Feel-Warm Flooring

Does your living area feel cold to touch with your tentative toes? Tiles, lino and wood look-a-likes can all drive down the internal temperature of your home, making things colder than they have to be. Luckily, there’s an easy fix. A rug measured to space insulates your flooring against the cold, acting as a protective, snuggly layer. Aim for thick rugs with densely packed loops and stitches, made from cotton, acrylic or nylon for affordability, or wool if your budget has breathing room.

Be a Blanket Strategist

Who doesn’t love the feeling of a thick and fluffy blanket draped over their bed at night? You may be onto this tip already, but those big marshmallow blankets should be closest to your skin, with any dense coverlets or blankets on top to guard against heat loss. If you want a truly rested sleep in the winter months, bring your bed away from any exterior walls by a couple of inches… you’ll sleep a little warmer.

Sock it to Your Toes

Toasty toes are a must for a solid sleep on a wintry night. It’s not an opinion, it’s science. Heating your feet speeds along a process called vasodilation, or the dilation of your blood vessels in your arms, legs, feet and hands. Vasodilation is important because it sends heat throughout your body, regulating body temperature and helping you settle down for a long snooze. Bonus benefit: Do you suffer from dry skin or cracked skin during winter? Wearing socks maintains foot moisture (the good kind), preventing sore, cracked tootsies.

Are you still interested in the first option? We would be too. There’s only so many blankets, socks and rugs you can buy before the weather gets too cold to battle without some technological assistance. Get in touch with New Age Air Conditioning today and we’ll making consistent heating a reality this winter.

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