Which is the Best Heating System For Your Home?

As the Celsius begins to dip come mid-June in Newcastle & around Australia, the nip in the air is enough to send even the hardiest of souls scampering for the thermostat. As your system struggles to keep up with the plummeting mercury however, you suddenly remember just how disappointed you were with your home heating system at the end of last winter.

With that unsatisfactory remembrance resonating through your brain, you slip into a cardigan and resolve to resolve those heating problems this year. That said, which of the many heating systems is the best choice for you to make? Invariably, that question will be answered by your individual situation as it relates to your particular heating in Newcastle needs. There are many factors to consider, like what type of flooring material is used in your home and how many glass doors & windows each room has. Even the most basic of investigations would suggest that you have numerous options at your disposal, but perhaps the most widely used systems include: Gas, Reverse Cycle Ducted, Split System, and Electric In-Floor Heating.

NOTE: One thing to remember when choosing a heating system for your property is that it needs to be VERSATILE.

You need to make sure that your heating system is also going to double-up as an efficient cooling system for air conditioning comfort during the warmer months in the Hunter region.

The Split System Heating Option…

Technologically speaking, a split system is roughly comparable to a window mounted air conditioning and heating unit, albeit written large. Whereas the portable model that comes to mind sits precariously in the window of your flat with only its plugged in electrical cord serving as a tenuous lifeline to terra firma, essential components of a split system are larger and outdoors. As the name might suggest, the system is “split” between an outside unit and an indoor unit that is linked through copper tubing. When used to heat your home in the winter this system operates much like reverse cycle system noted above. Where it differs is in the use of Freon gas that absorbs the heat from moving air before heating it. Once heated in the outside unit, the air moves through the copper tubing to the inside unit to be dispensed through out the home.

The Gas Heating Option…

Gas heating is a venerable and time tested option that offers reliability in service at a highly competitive cost. Additionally, this option affords a great deal of flexibility to the home owner when it comes to installing that hot tub that they have been eyeing since last year. Natural gas is the gas of choice for the expedient and reasonably priced delivery of fuel to your home. Additionally, gas heating has been shown to cost only a third of the expense of an electric heating system in Newcastle & the Hunter region.

The Reverse Cycle Heating Option…

When it comes to home heating systems, nothing does as much heavy lifting as the reverse cycle heating option. Otherwise known as a heat pump, a reverse cycle heating system is an eco-friendly, cost effective option that can potentially slash your energy bills. The secret to its success is found embedded in its technology.

These systems capture the ambient heat outside and a fan channels the warn air over a heat sensitive chemical agent that gets hotter as it is compressed. This compressed warm air is then distributed throughout the home via fans to provide your much needed heating solution.. To sweeten the deal even more, when the weather is hot, the system reverses itself and sends cooling air throughout your home via ducts

The Electric In-Floor Heating Option…

Taking your heating in Newcastle needs underground, or at least under foot, is an innovative way to tackle your heating in Newcastle problems. The electric-in-floor heating option involves laying cables and mats beneath the floor which, once installed, proceed to heat the entire room from the ground up. Not only does this heating system pave the way for getting rid of unsightly wall mounted radiators, but it is also a cost saver with upwards of 50% savings on your power bill.

We hope this little guide to heating systems has been useful. Please don’t hesitate to contact NewAge Air Conditioning & Heating on

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