Cheap Air Conditioners : Are They Really Cheaper?

Cheap Air Conditioners DO NOT necessarily Help You Save Money…

In Fact, the really cheap air conditioning units almost ALWAYS turn out to cost you MORE in the long run!

Why? Energy bills. The cheaper air conditioning units are never as cost-efficient to run as the better quality brands, like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu & ActronAir.


You might save $200, or even $500 by purchasing a cheap, unknown brand of air conditioner, but within a few months you will realise that the cheap machines just don’t use your power wisely. Buying a decent air conditioning system for your home or commercial premises is paramount. Another option to consider is solar powered air conditioning. This is often the most expensive option at the installation stage, because you need to pay for your air conditioning system as well as your solar panels. However, this investment can lead to massive long term savings on energy bills. Especially when you consider the rise of electricity costs in Australia.

The best advice I can give you around this is to speak with an experienced specialist in your area who understands the differences between the many air conditioning options out there. Make sure they explain the pros & cons to you for each different option. It may be that your living space needs only a single split system unit for optimum performance. Or, you might find that a more complex ducted system will work out more cost-effectively for your situation. It might be that you are searching for a super-efficient air conditioning solution for a large commercial or industrial space and solar air conditioning works out best for you.

Whatever the solution, you should crunch the numbers and find out the facts before making a decision – because it could save or lose you alot of money.

Having been in the air conditioning business for around 2 decades, I have heard many customers tell me that they ‘just want the cheapest air conditioner’. Normally, they think that the cheapest air conditioner is the one with the lowest retail price tag. Any air conditioning supplier who sells somebody a cheap unit without explaining energy consumption issues is really doing their customer a disservice.


Jason Mackay

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