The Heating Benefits of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

When you go into a car dealership’s showroom you are invariably confronted with the decision between going high-end or going low-end.  When you’re shopping around for heating or air conditioning systems the exact same dilemma applies.  There is a lot to be said for high end technology however and a reverse cycle air conditioning system is the Mercedes Benz of the home comfort game.  What makes it so appealing for the residents of Newcastle is the ability to enjoy flexible room temperatures, and energy efficient heating that is also very well suited to the varied climate of the Hunter region.

The Efficiency is Found in its Simplicity…

Whereas in the winter a reverse cycle system will draw ambient air in from the outside before heating it through a chemical reaction and dispensing the heat throughout the house via heating ducts; in warm weather the process reverses itself to draw in hot air that is subsequently cooled before being used to cool the house.  Additionally, with automatic thermostats you can set up zones activate the air conditioning based on your actual space usage of the house.

After all, it hardly makes sense to keep the guest bedroom at a crisp temperature when you haven’t has a guest in eight months.  By rationally controlling your energy usage you leave a much smaller energy foot print while saving substantially on your monthly power bills.

Get a Reverse Cycle System that Matches your Lifestyle…

A reverse cycle system comes in a variety of configurations that can be adapted to fit your lifestyle.  Single room installations involve a unit that is located outside and ducted to service a single room.  As you sit your bedroom enjoying the comfortable temperature, you might start to feel guilty about the kids in the rest of the house who are at this moment sweating themselves into a pile of goo as you put a small lap blanket over you to ward off the chill, however.  As such, a ducted system can be installed to run throughout your home and provided comfort where and when it is needed.

The Advantages of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning are Huge…

A home that utilizes a reverse cycle air conditioning unit in their home is able to use the same system to both cool and heat their home.  In addition to being economical and energy efficient, these systems are safer than traditional units because they have no elements exposed to the weather.  Their durable constitution and long life span guarantees that you will save on energy and maintenance costs over the life of your unit.

You have decided to get a new heating & air conditioning system system, so you might as well get the Mercedes Benz.

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