Install an Air Conditioner Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Are You Really Considering Installing A New Air Conditioner Yourself?


It could be a significant challenge to undertake your own DIY air conditioning installation, instead of hiring a professional, qualified contractor.  If you are reasonably adept at mechanical home repairs and installations, then you could consider that you do have an advantage.


However, although some would consider a possible financial benefit and the prospect of saving a significant sum of money in labour charges, it must be realised that this is an installation of a specialised nature. It is correct that various expenses will be incurred by hiring a contractor, but, as with any other specialised trade, professional and qualified expertise is a requirement.  Should you complete the installation on your own accord, then any mistake could prove extremely costly. In addition to these risks, if your air conditioner isn’t installed properly, it will COST you MORE money in the long run because your unit may break down and it almost certainly wont run at a low energy efficiency level. Hello, high power bills!

You may also risk possible insurance company related problems as to coverage under existing policies. Adding to this is that by hiring a professional contractor, you would have the satisfaction and peace of mind with a warranty for the labour and equipment provided. You also have the peace of mind from knowing that it had been installed by a skilled, professional technician.


The complexities of Air conditioning

When you buy an air conditioner you would need to research the different installation techniques associated with that particular model. Although suppliers may be able to provide you with defined guidelines, this is dependent on them showing any enhancements that have been made to the equipment and upgrading of the product. In addition, there are two other specific exceptions to installing this type of equipment yourself.


Because of safety precautions it is crucial that a professional installer is employed regarding a furnace, to provide the heating facility for a complete HVAC installation.  The costs involved in this operation would need to be researched and quotations obtained from reputable and established contractors.  A professional installation would include this necessity in its initial quotation and would have the available necessary expertise.


Adherence to regulations


The second exception relates to central home air conditioning installation. Should you decide to self-install this equipment the work involved, revolves around two crucial segments. The first is what can be completed on your own accord and the other is what a professional air conditioning and heating contractor should complete.

Because of certain regulatory laws relating to the handling of Freon, R-22 refrigerant, and the specialised tools required, it is specified that completion of the project is conducted by a professional technician. Therefore, consider carefully all related aspects to this project before commitment.


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