Wi-Fi Air Conditioning Control Systems in Newcastle


Introducing the Wi-Fi Control System for Total Home Comfort Only at NewAge Air Conditioning & Heating in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Maitland.

Ask us about Mitsubishi Electric WIFI Control – $250 Installed


Developed to accommodate busy Australian lifestyles, NewAge Air’s Wi-Fi Control System offers cutting-edge technology that connects your Mitsubushi Electric high wall, floor-mounted and ducted air condition directly to your tablet, smartphone or online account. You now have the freedom to remotely control all air conditioners via an internet connection.

This innovative Wi-Fi Control System is unique to Mitsubishi Electric floor-mounted, high wall, ducted A/C units advanced functions include maximum or minimum room temperature control settings (great for children’s bedrooms) that continuously regulate temperature by automatically shutting off (or turning on) the unit once a customised temperature setting is reached.


NewAge Air’s Wi-Fi Air Conditioning System, allows you to remotely perform these actions:

  • Modify temperature settings when necessary by viewing actual room temperature information via the app.
  • Select from five different operating modes: auto, heat, fan, cool and dry to maintain optimal climate conditions within your home
  • Change fan speeds when needed. Choose among five different fan speeds orr allow the system to automatically adjust to area requirements
  • Change airflow direction (auto, swing or customise direction to target key room areas. vane positions offer precise directional control of airflow from indoor units.
  • Program your system to automatically adjust at certain times of the day by turning the system on or off, changing settings or creating temperature rules to ensure consistently superior comfort and cost-effectiveness
  • Add multiple air conditioners to your Wi-Fi Control System and customise their settings individually by installing multiple adaptors that efficiently manage all air conditioners independently on the same account


Who Benefits From Our Wi-Fi Control System?

Families with children, people with busy lifestyles that keep them away from their home for lengthy periods, anyone who wants to save money on energy bills by remotely controlling their home climate, forward planners, globe trekkers, holiday home owners and those who suffer year-round allergies and asthma symptoms.

Call NewAge Air Conditioning & Heating in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Maitland today and find out how you can take control of costly cooling bills while staying as comfortable and healthy as possible in your home.




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