Mitsubishi MSZ GL Series Air Conditioning Newcastle

MSZ-AP Series


If you’re looking for wall-mounted air conditioners, the Mitsubishi MSZ-AP series could be for you.

  • iSave Mode & 24 Hour Timer
  • 2.5 kW – 7.8 kW Cooling Capacity
  • 3.2 kW - 9.0 kW Heating Capacity
  • R32 refrigerant
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At NewAge Air, we help customers in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and the Hunter Valley find the perfect air conditioning service for their home. If you’re looking for wall-mounted air conditioners, the Mitsubishi MSZ-GL series could be for you.

With Wifi connectivity, a hand-held controller, and increased energy efficiency of around 20%, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the series’ ability to keep your home at a stable temperature, whilst significantly reducing your energy bills.

Here are just some of the reasons why the team at NewAge Air recommends the MSZ-GL series air conditioners

Quick and Easy to Clean

Available on models: MSZ-AP25/35/42/50/60/71/80VGD

With a unique design built specifically for easy cleaning, all you need to do is remove the front panel and air flow vents to gain easy access to the fan.

Cleaning your indoor air conditioning unit regularly can reduce your energy consumption, which in turn lowers your energy bills. This means, a heavier wallet for you, and a longer life for your air conditioner.

NewAge Air Tip: For an effective special cleaning adaptor, you can also order the Quick Clean Kit as an optional part.  The kit contains a flexible connection hose, two brush attachments (that wash easily!) and a universal adaptor to fit a range of vacuum pipe sizes.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Available on all Models

Mitsubishi’s Advanced Inverter Technology means high speed cooling and heating with extra energy savings for your home. How? We’re glad you asked:

  • The Vector-Wave Eco Inverter improves operating efficiency throughout the entire speed range, which reduces your electricity bills (great huh!?)
  • The DC Fan Motor (only available on outdoor units) has 60% greater energy efficiency than AC motors with the same rating
  • The Magnetic Flux Vector Sine Wave Drive reduces energy loss through increasing the motor winding ratio (See more detail in the user manual)
  • R32 refrigerant is said to be the next generation in refrigerants, having 30% less impact on  global warming than R410A (read more about the science here).
  • Blue fin condenser – This anti corrosion treatment, applied to the heat exchange of the outdoor unit, slows the corrosion process caused by the salt in the air.  This is especially useful for customers in coastal areas, like Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

The “Econo Cool” Temperature Control is an environmentally friendly way to control the airflow distribution in your home. This gives you a 20% gain in energy efficiency and a noticeable drop in the perceived room temperature.

iSave Mode & 24 Hour Timer

Available on all Models

All models include a 24 hour timer with an easy to read display and an i-save mode.

The 24 hour timer is simple to use and can be programmed to switch on or off at any time that you choose. With the built in i-save mode, you can ensure the most suitable air conditioning settings are used to reduce your energy bills.. All you need to do is preset timer with the simple click of a button to your preferred temperature.

There’s also a weekly timer operation, where you can set the timer to switch on or off at a particular day of the week. You can read more information about the weekly timer here.

Quiet and Controlled Airflow

The larger 71/80GVD Mitsubishi MSZ-GL models feature a ‘Wide-Vane’ mode where you can easily adjust the airflow direction to suit your needs.

This, coupled with a high power motor and Long Airflow mode,, pushes air out further for a more comfortable room temperature, no matter where you’re sitting.

Alongside better airflow direction, the MSZ-GL series, sized 35 and under, operate very quietly (below 19dB)! We recommend these models for your bedroom, so you can sleep peacefully.. In fact, it’s so quiet you’ll probably have to check it’s still on!)

Smarter Connectivity

Optional additional adapter MAC-558IF-E required per unit for wifi connectivity

The wifi connectivity of these split system air conditioning units connect directly to your smartphone, tablet, or your online account. This means you can control each unit from wherever you are,  tailoring your air conditioning to your specific needs.

Based on connection of a demand response enabling device (DRED), you can also  implement the Demand Response Mode. This mode is activated in response to signals sent from your electricity company when it’s necessary to reduce peak demand.

The Models

The Mitsubishi MSZ-GL series offers seven different models, with the option of both indoor and outdoor units. Ranging from 2.5 – 7.8kw, with wifi connectivity and increased energy efficiency, you can read all about the specific models and their differences in the Mitsubishi MSZ-GL series User Manual.

  • MSZ-AP60

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